What to do with Scott Allan? Hibs can get tae…

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Their is a tragic figure in this media game we have been subjected to by Petrie in this saga over John McGinn, Scott Allan long thought to be part of a prospective deal finds himself unneeded by Celtic and unlikely to return to Hibs.

Indeed if the Hibs won’t sell us their players we must act the same with them, there is no point strengthening a team which won’t let us strengthen.

I honestly thought that there would be no bid for McGinn as we don’t really need him or that the bidding process would be finished in a couple of meetings.

Instead, we have wasted over a week bidding and rebidding only to have a player sent south without a bid accepted, seriously Petrie should go to the Daily Record and Evening Times and explain how to start a bidding war from nothing, they are nowhere near as skilled.

But i digress, what should happen to Allan?

Well, he is not an expensive transfer to recoup, just a quarter of a million pounds, meaning whatever we get for him will go some way to recouping what has ultimately been a torrid Celtic career.

I would offer him to Dundee United, one of the few clubs he hasn’t been loaned out to yet, for a pittance.

For starters, we have a decent relationship with that club, one which would be to our advantage to have them in the Premiership seeing they detest the Newco.

Another grudge match for Them on top of Celtic, Hibs and Aberdeen would have the Peepa colliding with an enemy and disgracing themselves every 3rd match.

He also wouldn’t be playing against us this season save for Cup games, another positive.

Wherever he goes, it can’t be Hibs and there is no point him staying at Celtic.

It will be interesting to where he finds himself come September.