When delusion becomes the truth

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Sevco fans have never been short of denial.

It is one of the core tenants of the survival lie and an indispensable character trait of the Deluded.

After succumbing to another loss at the hands of eternal 4 year rivals Celtic, they have yet again turned to the voice of reason: Warbo.

Warburton it seems is unperturbed by the consecutive loss declaring that:

 “so-called gap is a lot narrower than people think”.

That “So-called gap” is getting wider by the day.

Lets put things into context shall we.

  • They have never been in more debt at higher interest rates at any time since their formation in 2012.
  •  They are 7 points behind in the Premiership having already played a game more and are yet to face Hearts.
  • Their stadium is falling to pieces and there are real concerns (raised by Bampots over a year ago) that they will have to move before the end of the season.
  • Their Chairman is a career criminal who refuses to attend matches at Ibrox let alone Celtic Park or Hampden.
  • Their squad has gone from threadbare and cheap to bloated and expensive.
  • Tax bill for the current company is posing to be destructive as it remains to be seen where the funding will come to get Hector paid.
  • Their key signings this year have all been a massive failure.
  • Joey Barton’s contract looks water tight, the circus is set to continue.
  • Kranjcar’s injury is career ending let alone season ending, hopefully he comes back in May and they keep him on the books.
  • Clint Hill is old, slow and lucky Thompson doesn’t blow penalties at that end in Glasgow derby’s.
  • Joe Garner is mince and cost them 10% of the mooted roof repairs.
  • Senderos is well past his best.

Celtic on the positive side of things can boast

  • Record shirt Sponsorship
  • 50k+ season ticket holders
  • Brendan Rodgers as our manager.
  • Champions League money.
  • Playing for a domestic treble.
  • Moussa Dembele and Leigh Griffiths have unlimited potential and are both worth a fortune.
  • Rogic, Forrest and Sinclair have all recently signed contracts meaning stability in midfield.
  • Tierney wants to stay.
  • Real money available in January to further mold the squad.

When Warbo says that there is not a gap between the two teams or that it is narrowing, all he is doing is feeding the deluded what they want to hear.

From this comatosed state they hear what they want.

Rationale, reason, logic and common sense are all dispensed with and they make the same choice that denial had them make in 2012…

They sit and do nothing and pretend like everything’s OK.

Fine by me.