“Whits the Goalie dain Tom” says Gerrard “inherit a lot of really good players” on Sevco website

Sevco has issued a bizarre article comparing Steven Gerrard to Graeme Souness and even more so comparing McCoist, Ian Durrant, Davie Cooper, Derek Ferguson and Ted McMinn to Pena, Herrero, Jack, Alves and Candeias.

“Steven Gerrard too will inherit a lot of really good players, and the difference is, he might just get more out of them.

“If you are at Rangers you can play, there is no doubt about it. Players need a bit of stability, and he has a number of good boys there he can work with.

“With his contacts and the people he knows down south, if he can add a few more players to the good players we have, it will hopefully mean we can compete.”

Hopefully, it will mean they can compete?

We will see what the goalie is dain when 900 head make more noise than Them next year.

If you are reading between the lines, it seems after Pedro said they had the best squad, Dave King said they have a good squad already and now Hugh “Whits the goalie dain Tom” Burns says there are a lot of good players means we will not be seeing large amounts of decent footballers coming to the Ibrox club.

Gerrard, of course, will undoubtedly get his 30 million quid war chest all the same.



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