Will Pedro’s Parishioners be allowed to bless themselves at Ibrox?

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Scotland’s Shame will find themselves in a very strange situation if one of their Catholic players fires in a belter and instinctively makes the sign of the cross this season.

If the deluded boo the player, the support may just lose the dressing room.

Luckily most of the players are Latin speakers and i wouldn’t be urging them to translate the words to the Anthem so loved by the racist support that populates the stands at Govan.

This season we are going to see Rangers line up with a team that will likely have a Catholic majority, good for them.

We have done it with Protestants many times, our finest players were Protestants as was our finest manager.

But tolerance isn’t something that needs to be explained to Celtic, it does have to be explained to new players of Rangers.

No sooner had Fran Sandaza arrived he was told not to make the sign of the cross, something Sevco denied.

In the era of the Oldco Shota Averladze was allowed to mark himself as a Christian after going to pains to explain the Orthodox church was not a Papal vassal.

Of course Artur Boruc turned the issue into a political football when apologists for the haters came out explaining that it was ‘inflammatory’.

We have seen in the last few days Sevco fans complaining their club dare wish Muslims Eid Mubarak on Edid el fitr.

The usual nonsense about ISIS and what not was sewn into the tapestry of protecting their culture.

If The Rangers start screaming at their own players and manager for celebrating their faith or start hooting like monkeys in the sight of Dalcio and Alfredo Morelos, they could just find that their team with fancy names don’t want to play for them.

With all the real Rangers men training with the Under 20’s, that would make for some interesting fixtures.