Window open, time to move Marvin out

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The term ‘Stealing a wage’ is not thrown about lightly, however if you were to look it up in an urban dictionary a picture of Marvin Compper would likely greet you.

I have always said that Derk Boerrighter was the worst signing I have seen since Rafael Scheidt but even Sick note looks like a champion alongside Marvin Compper.

Goodness knows what he has done to upset the manager but it is clear that he has no Parkhead future, a move back to a German club for any form of transfer would be best for all, if that cannot be arranged then we must look at a loan to get some of his wages paid and at least put him in the shop front window.

One place where we could organise such a loan is Hibernian, they took Efe off us when he was a similar liability and now look set to lose the big Nigerian who has recaptured some of his best form under Neil Lennon.

Still it would be best to see him both out of the country and off the wage bill, something that shouldn’t be too hard, he came highly recommended and on good money and for a decent transfer, his situation truly is perplexing.

As we all sit and wait for announcements of who will come into the club, no one will mourn Marvin Compper going in the other direction.