With Leicester hovering, upgrade Brendan to a new 5 year deal and go for 55 instead

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When a player is wanted by another club there are generally two ways of warding off potential suitors, one is to slap an astronomical amount on their signature and the other is to sign them up to a new long term deal, both should be looked at by Celtic with relation to Brendan.

I would suggest the following, firstly offer him an upgraded 5-year deal and put a 20 million pound buy out clause in the contract, he is on about 3 million a year now, make that 4 and if any club want to prize him away from Paradise they can pay out the entire contract to the club in full regardless of at what stage he potentially leaves.

To get Brendan to sign the contract would need a few assurances, the first would be over finances, I would suggest that the manager be given a public backing of having 60% of all transfers that leave the club, for example when Ntcham was rumoured to be leaving for 14 million, 8.4 million of that would go directly to the gaffer for the next window with this money accruing and always at his disposal.

He can’t be blamed for turning down money for players when he has no assurances of getting players in, by giving him a public assurance he would be able to do the negotiating with players in mind to replace those who were sold, this would negate the issues between the board and the manager.

On top of this he would be given money to restructure our defence in the summer, a couple of Centre halves and a Right Back on permanent deals as well as a loan extension for Timo Weah would have Celtic firing on all cylinders.

We already have a fantastic goalkeeper in Bain, Tierney, Hayes and the returning Miller have left back covered, Ralston and Ajer are pushing for starting berths and would be good cover when needed and we have a plethora of talent in midfield and options in Eddie, Griff and Bayo up front.

Assurances over spending within the long term deal and the chance to blood new players like Armstrong Okoflex, Karamoko Dembele and man of the match on debut Ewan Henderson should provide both the challenge and the ammunition needed to take the club forward.

Such a contract would have a major subtext to it, we would be looking to turn Brendan into a Alex Ferguson style gaffer, a man who becomes synonymous with the Football club and who runs every element of the club with an eye to the future as much as to the next game.

The rolling deals of Martin O’Neill and Lennon and the stop gap Deila have not provided Celtic with that type of gaffer for a generation, a man who is hands off to all suitors with an eye of writing his name into the very fabric of our unbroken history, it is time the board offered Brendan the chance to become an immortal.

When a player enters the last few years of their contract they are offered a new contract to keep them at the club, especially if they are wanted by other teams, it is smart business, it should be no different with Brendan, he deserves a new upgraded deal and the club would be daft to to let him leave.

Rodgers has shown amazing loyalty to Celtic, it is his dream job, if we were to offer him an upgrade with assurances then you would expect him to take it, from his own position he could take on a poison chalice of Leicester or re sign for Celtic whereby only a top 4 club would look at coming in for him.

If he were to leave for the pinnacle of Football then Celtic would be well compensated and he would leave with our best wishes, if he were to stay then we can run down the ‘World record’ that exists halfway between Govan and Al Ahly.

A 5-year deal would see us make that final push not just to win the magic 10 but to destroy the last vestiges of the Oldco’s supremacy, a deal that would encompass 15 domestic trophies on top of the 2 still on offer this season, our 106 trophies to the liquidated clubs 115 is within our reach.

It is time to destroy everything that once was across town and build everything that could be at Celtic, sign Brendan up for 55, it ticks every box.