Wrong narrative

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All of this from Pete Wishart, Tommy Sheppard and others might make some kind of sense if anybody was actually pressing for an immediate second referendum. Or if the Scottish Government’s ability to call another referendum was critically dependent on a manifesto commitment to a specific timetable. Or even if talk of a “once in a generation” undertaking wasn’t the vacuous nonsense that it is. Inexplicably, these people are allowing the British establishment to dictate the narrative. And I suspect I am not alone in being both disappointed and thoroughly pissed off.

Let’s deal with the most obvious fallacy first. I am, frankly, appalled that a politician with Pete Wishart’s experience should make a statement to the effect that the SNP had committed to an independence referendum being a “once in a generation” event. I can only assume that he’s read this so often in the British press that, like so many others, he has been duped into accepting it as fact. But, not only was no such undertaking ever given by the party, it would be utterly meaningless even if it had. As Nicola Sturgeon has very firmly pointed out, the whether and when of a second referendum is entirely a matter for the people of Scotland. We tell the politicians. They don’t tell us. Individual politicians may offer their personal opinions on the matter, but only the people of Scotland have the legitimate authority to decide.