Zombie tears and recurrent fears fill the internet

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The last 24 hours have been a joy for all Celtic fans as the anxiety artificially created by the transfer window were washed away with a dominating performance of an impotent Newco at Paradise.

We smashed them all across the park, they barely strung 4 passes together in a row throughout the game and parked the bus deep in their own half allowing Celtic to dictate the match with the absence of any defensive press.

Their entire attacking philosophy looks to be humping the ball long to Lafferty and hoping he can play it on to Morelos, both were toothless and lucky to stay on the park for their persistent fouling and petulant behaviour.

Since then we have had the great joy of listening to Slippy blame the referee for the result, I have watched many Glasgow  Derby’s and O*d F*rm games back when they existed, the refereeing performance was one that Hugh Dallas himself would have been proud of.

It was so one-sided as to make you sick.

The consequences or lack of them to be more plain, of kicking out at prone players is a joke, Naismith was allowed off without reprimand and now it seems the Newco have learned a trick from the Diet.

That McGregor wasn’t given his marching orders is bewildering.

That Gerrard has again pitched to the gallery playing the all too regular victim card is both predictable and welcome.

Predictable because it is a leaf out of Pedro’s book, welcome for the exact same reason, the deluded are lapping it up and this will buy him time which he will likely squander as Scottish Football wakes up to the reality that they are no better than before.

Sevco have 5 points from 4 games, we already have a 4 point buffer on them and when the Premiership returns we will add to it, as we do and as they slip the excuses will continue until such time that they are out of touch.

Then the Peepul will turn, we have seen this cycle before, the hope, the expenditure, the jingoism, the failure, the time he needs and then the bitter bitter end.

If this is what they call a revolution then 8 in a row is as good as ours.