Zombies petition to strip CELTIC or add unofficial titles

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At a time of title stripping for their alleged deceptions with Dunfermline and as judicial matters spill into supporters hands, Sevco fans have started another deluded petition.

Think the others were bad? This one takes the biscuit.

The unofficial titles they won during WWII are now to be added to the Oldco’s diminishing stack of trophies.

Rattled by the online blue nose trolls who want to change the Record, they have obviously given this oxygen within 3 hours of the launch of the petition.

Still no word from them on the Pars lying down in 2003…. don’t hold your breath.

The deluded proponents of this bill seem to think retrospectively, of course, due to a little thing called the Luftwaffe the scheduled assembly of crowds were seen as foolish and the League disbanded, this, of course, wasn’t a factor in WWI.

The special ones have stated:

“As well as winning seven titles we also won five cups – four League Cups and a War Cup.

“In total we have been denied 12 trophies.

“With all the talk of us losing trophies – we should have these 12 included in our honours. Others have – Hibs and Aberdeen.

The worst should be Celtic stripped of their WW1 titles but, to be honest, it would be fairer just to include our 12.

“The main justification for taking their titles is that in England these were suspended during WW1 – why should they have these. It’s totally biased and wrong, not just morally but factually.

“Sporting integrity would demand that these titles should be added. If Aberdeen and Hibs include in their honours then there is no reason why we don’t include in ours.”

When a League is suspended, games become show pieces, not competition, that’s why.

The idea of stripping WWI titles that were played on the basis of them being an official League is just another scream for attention from Scotland’s Shame.

Their delusion knows no end.